Chevy equinox oil change, How to Change the Oil on 2012 Chevy Equinox

Chevy equinox oil change, How to Change the Oil on 2012 Chevy Equinox - Government Car Auctions

Chevy equinox oil change, How to Change the Oil on 2012 Chevy Equinox

hey guys into
form an oil change on a 2012 Chevy
Equinox including how to swap out the
oil filter so the first thing you want
to do if you have a set of ramps you’re
gonna want to the car lift it up shop
Jack should do the trick too you just
want to get something to lift up the car
so that you can get access to the oil
pan down here underneath the car you can
see here we got the oil pan and then on
the back side we have the oil pan bolt
checked a few different sizes looks like
it’s a fifteen millimeter so we’re going
to go ahead and loosen that and then you
want to make sure you have something
here underneath to catch the used oil
okay so we use the socket wrench to
loosen this bolt to where I can move it
with my finger so we’ve got our oil pan
here to catch the oil and then we’re
going to go ahead and just spin that
with our finger we’re going to watch as
the oil will start to come out see it’s
dripping a little bit just keep going
and the oil loved rain out here so we’re
going to let all that run out and go on
to the next part alright so now that we
have that oil pan draining let’s go
ahead and get started on the oil filter
it’s a little bit tough on the Chevy
Equinox with a 2.4 liter but the oil
filter is located right down here under
this plastic cap here with kind of the
socket top there’s a couple ways you can
get to it you can try using a crescent
wrench but I didn’t have much luck with
that and with the plastic edges it kind
of stripped the top there a little bit
so what I would recommend is going out
and getting an inch and a quarter socket
with kind of a wobbler attachment and
then setting that up that’s what did the
trick for me
and I took that and went right down here
through the top and just got it there
right over the cap so you can see it
kind of puts it out here at a weird
angle so that’s why I recommend the
wobbler attachment and then you’ll just
take your socket wrench and loosen that
until you’ll feel it kind of give and
once once it gives you’ll be able to
take that off and you should be able to
just loosen it here by hand let’s go
ahead I’m just taking this off
you’ll be able to lift the cap off with
the oil filter inside so what we’re
going to do is you’ll get a new oil
filter and a new gasket to go around the
lip here and so I’ll get those put on
and we’ll show you what that looks like
all right so here we have the new oil
filter that we’ve put on the oil filter
I bought was an AC Delco and it didn’t
come with a replacement gasket so as
I’ve looked at this gasket it looks like
it’s in pretty good shape so I didn’t
replace it some oil filters I’ve seen
come with the replacement gasket so you
can swap that out if you need to or if
you see any cracks or we’re on this
gasket I would recommend going and
getting a new gasket as well to put this
in all I did was press down until it

Chevy equinox oil change, How to Change the Oil on 2012 Chevy Equinox - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Chevy equinox oil change, How to Change the Oil on 2012 Chevy Equinox
clicked um and that was attached and so
we can go ahead I will put that right
back down where we had it and tighten
the filter back on and that once we’ve
got a finger tightened we’re going to go
ahead and use that socket and put it
back on you don’t need to go too tight
with the socket I would go just as tight
as you can with your hand
and then just make sure that this cap
here is flush and tight with that engine
block but you don’t need to over tighten
because you risk stripping the cap and
that is the oil filter so let’s go ahead
and get back under the car make sure
that your drain plug is back in and then
we can refill it with oil all right so
now we’ve got that filter tightened back
down we’ve got all the battle wheel
drained out the oil pan and the bolt put
back in we are ready to refill the oil
in our car on the Chevy 2012 equinox 2.4
liter they recommend 5w30 and there’s
Dex Oh
yes in the owners manual Chevy warns
that if there’s a problem and you
haven’t used Dex OS approved oil that it
could void your warranty so I would
recommend using that you don’t have to
it’s completely up to you so what we’ll
do the oil capacity on the 2.4 liter is
5 quarts so you can go down and get one
big jug like this or you can get five
individual quarts and we’ll just pour
that right in the top and once we’ve got
that filled up we should put the lid
back on and you should be good to go
thanks so much for watching guys if you
have any questions please feel free to
post in the comments and have a great

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