Chevy colorado oil change , 2018 Chevy Colorado Z71 Oil Change V6 Engine

Chevy colorado oil change , 2018 Chevy Colorado Z71 Oil Change V6 Engine - Government Car Auctions

Chevy colorado oil change , 2018 Chevy Colorado Z71 Oil Change V6 Engine

this video is going to demonstrate how
to change oil and a 2018 Chevy Colorado
z71 with the v6 engine in it first of
all the tools you’re going to need are
15 millimeter socket a 24 millimeter
socket a ratchet six inch extension a
torque wrench and an oil drain pan
the supplies you’re going to need you
have to have a new oil filter I’m using
a Fram TG one zero two four six
you can need a new drain plug gasket I’m
using an autozone part number six five
two seven four six and you’re going to
need six quarts of oil and I’m used in
Mobil 1 5w30
you can see I’ve got my tools laid out
I’ve got my torque wrench which is
calibrated in inch pounds I’ve got a
ratchet I’ve got a extension with an
adapter on it because my 20 to 24
millimeter socket happens to be 1/2 inch
drive got my 24 inch socket let me see
and I’ve got my 15 millimeter socket as
far as flies go I’ve got my drain pan
I’ve got my new crush washer got a new
oil filter which includes the gasket and
I’ve got six quarts of Mobil 1 5 Delta
30 so with that said I’m going to get

Chevy colorado oil change , 2018 Chevy Colorado Z71 Oil Change V6 Engine - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

CarChevy colorado oil change
here you can see the drain plug it’s
just slightly forward of that cross
brace I’m looking at from the front of
the front of the truck because I got a
better view of it I’ll go around to the
side and look at it from the from the
back – Stevie an idea of the location
this is from the front of the truck on
the passenger side
right now I’m looking at the
the drain plug from the rear of the
truck underneath the vehicle and the
drain plug is just slightly forward of
this cross brace here and it the drain
plug is right there
it’s a 15 millimeter drain plug and
first take the drain plug out the oil
shoots way out so you want your drain
pan to be a little bit off to the side
and then as it slows down you move your
drain pan back towards the center right
underneath the the draining oil so
that’s where the drain plug is and
having said that I’ll get my drain pan
and put it under there and start
draining the oil
okay I’ve warmed up the engine you’re
ready to drain the oil out of here
this is a 15 millimeter socket
have a break
and you plug in a safe place
my mother that drain for a while make
sure I get all that old oil out of there
and while that’s draining
I’m gonna go replace the oil filter
alright I’m ready to remove the oil
filter canister and remove that old oil
filter and put a new one in and put the
canister back on the bolt on this
canister is a 24 millimeter socket which
I get right now and take that canister
off I put some rags underneath that
canister so when I take it off hopefully
I catch as much of the oil as I can know
look at the socket on there turn it
and by maybe maybe not
and there’s my oil filter there’s my old
oil filter can’t get one out throw it
I’ve got a new fram TG 10 246 and it
came with the gas and there’s my new oil
filter with the new gasket right here
put that back on there all right started
finger-tight yeah I’ve got put that
canister back on finger tight and now
I’m gonna tighten it down to torque
specifications and my torque wrench is
set for 22 foot-pounds
twenty-two foot pounds and that should
I think that’s about all the walls it’s
gonna drop out of there so I’ll put the
oil drain plug back in I’ve already put
a new crush washer on the drain plug
then I’ve got my torque wrench set to 15
and that’s 15 foot pants
all right now I got to add six quarts in
alright ready to put the oil in summer
camp walls right there
hold it in place while I’m pouring them
big jugs
all right yeah I want to look underneath
for leaks there’s not seeing any gross
I’m gonna start it and make sure I’ve
got oil pressure and check the oil okay
I’ve got the engine running right now
you can probably hear doesn’t appear to
be any leaks put a piece of fresh paper
drain plugs hand over to the side where
the oil filter was replaced and there
doesn’t appear to be any oil leaking
so I would say this job is almost done
there’s one last thing you need to do
and that’s reset oil life indicator now
doing the truck and do that right now
I’m gonna do a scroll down to the oil
life indicator and reset
there’s trippy trippy
miles remaining
instant fuel economy
and 83% remaining on oil and if you
press the checkmark and hold it
it resets it to zero
and you have to confirm see yes
and you can see now the oil life
indicator is indicating 100% and that’s
a good thing scroll back through
and I’ll go down through it one more
time just to make sure it took
so I would say
my job just doing

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