Chevrolet Cruze Oil and Filter Change

Chevrolet Cruze Oil and Filter Change - Government Car Auctions

Chevrolet Cruze Oil and Filter Change

all right everybody we’re gonna do a
little change on my chevy cruze here
today this is a 2012 with a 1.4 liter
turbo Ecotec engine it also has a
six-speed manual in it so first steps
first get the front two wheels on jack
stands so you can at least get
underneath the vehicle next thing I
usually do is I pull the oil cap off and
I also pull the dipstick out and leave
it in but just let make sure that the
hope the hole is open so that air flow
can allow the fluid to drain faster so
let’s get under the car and get to the
drain plug and I do want to show you
something here this right here is part
of the skid plate as you can tell it
does not have a very smooth edge
sometime I guess in the earlier models
they had a recall where oil was getting
on the skid plate and was causing fires
or something along those lines
gotta love those dealership guys and
just destroying these things what they
were supposed to do was cut I think it
was like a three inch by maybe a foot
length area off of the skid plate
well looks like these guys took a

Chevrolet Cruze Oil and Filter Change - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Chevrolet Cruze Oil and Filter Change
sawzall and completely obliterated this
thing like there’s no skid plate left
it’s just a very tiny piece but later on
I may put a new one on and do the actual
work they were supposed to rather than
destroying this thing but I bought it
it was fresh off its leash so can’t
really complain too much as it was
bought as it is with the warranty though
so that being said there’s the drain
plug put this guy down see if I can get
this to focus on the there we go all
right yeah this is a ten millimeters on
some of the other ones they will have a
maybe it’s like I think it’s like a Torx
bit or Torx bolt head so that’s loose
shouldn’t have to don’t need to rinse
these things on
so it shouldn’t be that hard to get off
but if you bring it to like a quick lube
place make sure they don’t use air tools
because this is a small head and that
can get easily ripped off so go ahead
and loosen that baby up and let her fall
here we go actually comes up pretty
smooth here’s the drain plug on this
particular one there’s it’s actually a
ring built into the drain plug so you
don’t need to replace this one if you do
need to replace the drain plug or
actually need to replace the RO ring
you’ll have to replace the old rain
blood make sure it’s a bit windy out
here so hopefully it doesn’t splattering
or I’m actually gonna let this drain for
a few minutes so let’s jump back up
topside and show you how to pull that
filter out all right what you’re seeing
right there is the filter on top side
we’re going to use a 24 millimeter
socket and a short extension and go
ahead and just break it loose these
should not be on there too tight they
are on too tight then somebody probably
used air drains or just wrenched it on
there and that’s not supposed to happen
this piece is plastic so if you do over
tighten them you will stretch those
threads to the point where this may
actually get stuck on here and that’s
going to be bad day a bad day if that
happens so finish pulling that off very
careful this oil may spill out of here
but if you did it right it should just
have already drained to the engine here
to the down to the oil pan all right
I’ve actually came in two out in two
pieces that was the the top this second
piece is actually the filter all right
there’s our filter
this one looks like it’s been in there
for a while what is that made uh I don’t
can’t tell who the can’t tell who the
who made that but either way there’s the
cap there is one oh ring on this now
when you get a new new filter it should
come obviously with the new filter and
and so there should also be a gasket you
want to replace that gasket every single
time you give it a little change now
when reinstalling make sure you try to
get it as straight as possible and
hand-tighten it first try to thread it
all the way down as much as you can
yeah my hands are slippery so it’s gonna
be difficult
all right now I’m getting to the second
whoops there goes the oil filter whoops
and then just tighten it back down now
when you’re doing this again like I said
before you do not have to rinse this on
when you feel a hit just give it once or
twice like that and you are done
that is as tight as it needs to be if
you over again if you over tighten that
you can have issues it can start leaking
you could crack that piece of plastic
basically all you need to do is just
nudge it down and that o-ring will do
the rest so let’s go back downstairs and
put the plug back in okay now it is well
for the most part done draining what we
can do now is I mean you can I let
usually let my car sit for about 20
minutes to drip as you can see here it’s
a small small drip so that would that
would really be good enough it’s got the
majority of the the amount that’s in
that pan so let’s get that here just
hand tighten it for now grab your 10
millimeter socket
and again do not overtighten this
because you will ruin threads you can
possibly pull that head off really it’s
just that much
it’s just pull on it just firm tightness
and that is it and now I have to do is
put oil in it this vehicle in particular
takes four quarts and you also have to
remember this is GM so they have a deck
so requirement most most of them and I
think it started in 2011 is when they
started with the Texas requirement
really it’s a synthetic blend oil to
help you go longer that’s I believe how
it’s supposed to be but really I use
full synthetic anyway and all my
vehicles just to give that extra
protection and so I know that it’s it’s
good for a while and especially this
vehicle drives very short trips and it’s
a lot of stop and go so I do frequent
oil changes this one is being done right
around 4500 4500 miles so I usually
change them anywhere between then and
that and 55 so let’s uh again go back up
top and put the oil
okay now once you’ve got the oil in go
ahead and start er up you’re waiting for
that oil light to go out make sure I’m
in neutral here check that filter make
sure it’s not leaking
you’re not seeing you least there
double check down here make sure we’re
not leaking
I do not see any leaks here so
I think we’re done
I hope you found this uh this helpful
for you yeah we pair further questions
feel free to post them in the comments
and I will get to him as quickly as I
Thanks all right I’m sure you probably
got you all want to know how to reset
the oil light too if it ever comes on
hit menu I’ll pull off the vehicle
information menu and then this back
button here on this stick
yeah press it and then that’ll come up
are you sure you want to reset you want
to hit yes or no click up once tit yes
and then press the set and it should
reset it there you are
that was simple and reset in that I
think beforehand it was just you turn it
to the on position and three steps on
the gas pedal would do it but this is
also another way to get back through the
computer so I hope that helped you all
thanks have a good day

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