Car Service – Removing and Replacing an Oil Filter

Car Service – Removing and Replacing an Oil Filter - Government Car Auctions

Car Service – Removing and Replacing an Oil Filter

hi I’m Andy Davidson master technician
from Curry’s auto service now I’m going
to show you how to remove your oil
while the oil is draining on this car
the filters right here and we can remove
that at the same time some vehicles you
may have to drain the oil put the plug
back in and then move your catch pan
somewhere else because the filter may be
located quite a ways from the drain plug
this is going to vary from car to car
now some filters you can take off your
hand now this one is on pretty tight
probably doesn’t need to be that tight
so I’ll grab my grab my filter pliers
and twist the filter off
obviously you’re going to lose some oil
there – you’re going to let that drain
as well

Car Service – Removing and Replacing an Oil Filter - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

okay well the oil is draining what I’m
going to do is I’m going to get our oil
filter obviously every time you’re going
to change your oil you’re going to want
to change the filter as well I’m going
to use some clean engine oil to lightly
lubricate the gasket on the filter most
of the vehicles you’ll be working and
will have a filter similar to this a
spin on metal filter you will run into
some vehicles that will have a canister
type of filter which is a paper type of
filter in a permanent canister once i’ve
lubricated this with some clean engine
oil i’m going to wipe off the surface
where the oil filter mounts okay wipe
that off clean and one thing that I’ve
seen people make mistakes and even the
pros will make mistakes is sometimes
when you remove this filter the gasket
will stick on the surface now if you
don’t check for that and don’t wipe this
off and don’t realize that’s there and
you put another filter on top of it it
will blow that gasket out when you start
the car and that caused quite a mess or
it could even damage your engine all oil
filters there’s probably hundreds of
different styles of oil filters that
will range in size this is one of your
smaller filters to something four times
this size so they’re all very different
it depends on your car when you go to
the parts store to get your stuff you’ll
look up your particular filter and get
the one that fits you now when you’re
tightening the filter you can read the
instructions and most of the time while
most filters it’s and once the gasket
makes contact you’re going to tighten it
another third of a turn hand tight is
perfectly fine you don’t need to put a
wrench on there and really wrench the
filter down and less the instructions
give you that specifically which is
pretty rare usually hand tight is just
fine and that’s how you remove your oil
to watch the other segments in this
video series or for how-to videos on
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