Car auctions near chicago

Car auctions near chicago - Government Car Auctions

Car auctions near chicago

we have found 67% of used vehicles for

Car auctions near chicago - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

sale have serious hidden problems if you
are currently looking for a used vehicle
then this might be the most important
message that you hear hi I’m Paul and
I’m Tonya and here at national consumer
advocate we have been researching for
many years the way that people buy used
cars there are things you must know to
protect yourself from getting ripped off
whether you’re buying a vehicle from a
dealership or a private owner I’m going
Car auctions near chicago
so if you haven’t already grab a pen I’m
going to move through this very quickly
check the engine oil on the dipstick
does it have a creamy consistency to it
like that of thin mayonnaise if it does
that engine has major problems you will
want to walk away from that vehicle when
testing the transmission you’ll want to
do it from cold now first you want to
put on the emergency brake then when
you’re starting the car put the foot
brake on when you’re shifting from Park
into drive or reverse notice that the
transmission takes longer than two
seconds to engage especially if followed
by a strong jolt or jerk if so that
transmission is wearing out you’ll want
to walk away from that vehicle there are
three very important dash lights that
absolutely must come on and then go off
when you start the car those are the
check engine light the ABS light and the
airbag light if those lights do not come
on then the vehicle has been tampered
with and your safety is at risk you
don’t want to find out the hard way in
an accident that your airbag doesn’t
inflate or that suddenly you lose all
your brakes under no circumstances
should you buy that vehicle there are
hidden vehicle identification stickers
or VIN stickers on each panel of the car
approximately 11 in total not all
manufacturers put VIN stickers on the
panel’s of their vehicles but if you
find one on a panel it should be on
every panel of the car one under the
hood one here on the front fender there
should be a VIN sticker here on this
panel but it is missing which means this
vehicles been in an accident on each
door where it latches you’ll find a VIN
this one’s been painted over
so we’re not sure if this is the
original door or that it’s been replaced
you’ll find it here on the rear door
where it latches and then on the rear
wheel well as well you’ll find it along
the edge of the trunk lid this one
happens to be here manufacturers do not
always put Vince stickers on the bumpers
but if they are there there’ll be along
the top edge of the bumper or under the
license plate if any of these stickers
are missing painted over or the numbers
do not match the rest then this car has
been in an accident and repaired for
your safety this could be a deal breaker
the vehicle may not have the same
structural integrity it had before the
accident occurred turn the steering
wheel fully to reveal the front tire
regardless how thick or deep the tread
is you want to look at this inside edge
right here you’re looking for a very
distinct wear line with fine metal wires
protruding from it most people miss this
very common hazard the tire is unsafe do
not drive the vehicle because it could
blow out at any moment and you would
lose control of the vehicle to summarize
with the engine I just showed you one
key thing to check there are five other
just as important and easy tests to
determine whether the engine is sound
with the transmission I also shared with

Car auctions near chicago info
you one key thing to check there are
four additional easy tests to ensure the
transmission is sound I have also shown
you one proven way to determine if a
vehicle’s been in an accident there are
six other simple tests for examining the
car body to determine if that car has
been wrecked as you can imagine this is
just a start so here’s what we’ve
created to help protect you
we’ve put together a video DVD called
how to buy a used car without getting
ripped off and it has all these tests
and many many more this DVD could save
you thousands of dollars avoiding costly
repairs with things like engine
transmission emission systems electrical
power steering air conditioning just to
name a few and this DVD goes even
further it will save you hundreds of
dollars before you even buy the car on
such things like tires brakes suspension
axle CV joints clutches and cooling
systems and much much more
all these tests are simple easy to
understand and no tools are required to
do them we will guide you every single
step of the way
and to make your next used car purchase
even easier we have an mp3 audio
companion and also a free vehicle
checklist that you can take with you so
you do not miss a single thing national
consumer advocate is so confident you’ll
save money that we back it up 100% if
you don’t save hundreds or even
thousands of dollars on your next used
vehicle purchase just return the DVD
within 90 days and national consumer
advocate will refund your money no
questions asked to get your DVD copy of
how to buy a used car without getting
ripped off and the vehicle checklist
shipped to you immediately click on the
Buy It Now button below

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