Car auctions los angeles ca, Auto Auction Warning Tips/Advice Before You Buy

Car auctions los angeles ca, Auto Auction Warning Tips/Advice Before You Buy - Government Car Auctions

Car auctions los angeles ca, Auto Auction Warning Tips/Advice Before You Buy

Car auctions los angeles ca, Auto Auction Warning Tips/Advice Before You Buy - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

hey guys welcome back to the channel oh
I got a pretty cool you know we do a lot
of stuff on cars we’ve got almost a
couple hundred videos out there and some
of the things we do is we try to inform
consumers so they don’t make huge
mistakes and someone asked me my opinion
on something and I’m gonna go ahead and
state it basically let me kind of
condense I got about a three paragraph
question but they have a young girl
daughter and they’re gonna buy her a
vehicle and their question was their
friends a car dealer and he was gonna go
to the auction and buy a car or should
he go to a public auction to buy a car
well let me tell you some of the ups and
downs of this first options can be great
if you have time to check out what you
are getting ready to buy if you don’t
have time to check out what you’re
getting to buy absolutely bad idea
things and auctions so when an auction
when a car is for sale when it comes
running through its gonna be running
there for a second you can look at it
you can try to make a really quick
assessment and chances are you’re gonna
miss nine out of ten things that are
wrong with it options are a bad idea
car dealers go to them all the time they
don’t even take the time to look at them
they raise their hand cuz they’re quote
unquote a car guy and they know
everything let me tell you what I’m a
car man dipping my toes so right here
and I’m gonna tell you right now unless
you do your homework on a vehicle and
you can actually test it out and know
that it’s a good vehicle do not chance

Auto Auction Warning Tips/Advice Before You Buy
it and put your daughter or your family
member in something that you’re just
taking a chance on just because it’s at
an auction some of the things to look
out for it in auction if you’re just
I’m gonna go do it oh if make sure the
hoods open at least verify there’s
cooling in it you know what I mean try
to because if it has a blown head gasket
at auction all they got to do is let the
coolant out and let it ride through you
won’t know they can also bring the spark
plugs up so they barn a little hotter to
disguise it they can pull the battery
plug reset the computer so the check
engine lights and the the other stuff
doesn’t reappear for the second
revolution for the car to go out on its
on a ride and what else can happen at an
option well a couple of the cars that we
thought we were looking at from private
owners so to speak yeah remember you we
pulled up to the one and they had um you
could see the auction yeah it’s a bad
freeze plug now guys I’m gonna kill you
man I’ve worked a Desa options Manheim
auctions I’ve been on the from the
Orlando Circuit all the way up to
Mannheim Pennsylvania worked Atlanta I
bought and sold cars and ship them all
over the US I’ve done the whole sale
thing from dealer to auction from
auction back to dealer bottom from
private individuals resold back to
dealers retail to the public I’m a car
guy and I’m telling you I don’t have
enough experience to go to an auction
and buy a car as soon as it pulls up and
I’m a smart guy like when I hear a car I
can probably tell you more about it than
you can after driving it for five years
but I don’t feel comfortable with it and
there’s so many there’s so many
drawbacks to buy them one out of a
public auction that you really don’t
know the seller on it’s just too risky
now if you were gonna try to buy one
from a let’s say like a county auction
where you know they’re coming out of a
fleet I would say that’s a little safer
bet but how would you suggest I’m just
going to a blind auction public
sixteen-year-old daughter no definitely
not if you’re you’re gonna put your kid
in a car you’re gonna want to know and
have some security that it’s been taken
care of it’s been maintained you know
where it came from you know what it’s
been through it that’s exactly right and
see when I when I first are in the car
business in 1989 the first thing I was
tall was all buyers are liars well you
know what turns out they had it
backwards all car sellers like 999 out
of a thousand are lying and they have no
problem lying to your face whether it’s
the halt where there’s the car dealer
sitting behind the desk whether it’s the
not all of them there’s some very
reputable car dealers aren’t they there
definitely are I’m just saying that the
auction the little car flipper guy he
might be like they just want to move
they just want to write and there are no
warranties they will not take it back
right so they’ve had days to prepare to
how to snuff you out of ten minutes of
your life you go to give them 1,500 to
grab whatever you’re going to waste your
money on and and then you got there I
mean there’s rust issues like on the
brake lines what’s the condition of the
braking system what’s the condition of
the ABS module what’s the condition of
the analog brakes as far as do they
actually still work airbag systems all
these sub modules are just so important
and I give you an example
we’ve bought cars now this is me now
I’ve bought cars without going through
my complete checklist that I created yes
he of a shortcut yes he has what to push
the horn and realize that they had just
glued the airbag back on that was not
that long ago yeah that was not that
long ago guys and I promise you I’ll buy
more cars and you’ll ever do in your
life in probably 30 days and it happens
it happens what’s some of the other
stuff we’ve found you have to watch the
titles really closely I mean though they
might slide a little announcement in
that it’s a it’s clean title it might
say former or Salvage
you’d be like oh what’s that mean it
gets kind of goes by you’re like we
built rebuild former Salvage flood zone
flood area there’s a lot of way of them
trying to tell you hey this is a piece
of crap but we really want you to spend
your money we’re gonna word it so it
sounds a little better also an auction
you got to watch the auctioneers there
are a lot of them or just pull the crap
– they’ll try to bid you up even though
there’s no one else bidding people will
try to say that you’ve been told
something you didn’t the options a scary
place and not to mention after all of
this whatever you’re paying you’re gonna
pay an additional fee on top up for the
auction the sellers gotta pay a fee so
that same car you could knock on
somebody’s door when seen took someone
that’s got a little bit of brains about
them and knows how to look at a car to
make you get a little bit comfortable
did a good test-drive check the engine
temperature make sure the car should
well people lie about a transmission Jim
oh my gosh yes yes how many times you
wouldn’t believe how many times we’ve
heard oh it just needs a battery and so
you can’t drive it because it doesn’t
have a battery in it well no really
that’s just a farce and you can’t drive
it because the transmission doesn’t
shift yeah you wouldn’t believe that one
not too long I’d hate to be running
rabbit trails but we had one not too
long ago the guys like yeah it was
overheating a little bit okay when the
story got done this thing had a blown
head gasket
he had a mil coat on the transmission it
was stuck in limp mode it had a wheel
bearing out that’s another thing you
won’t be able to tell at an auction and
you just never know you just don’t know
you don’t know what the condition of
please unless you are a professional car
buyer and even then if you’re a
professional car buyer
take my advice I know you little boys
got your egos and this is what you got
bead but if you want to make money in
this game you better do your homework
you need to take somebody who knows cars
and/or become an expert you can watch my
I’m getting ready to release a whole
series on how to do an evaluation on a
vehicle if you followed me to the tee I
will keep you from ever losing at any on
a car I can keep myself from it but my
veto makes me lose money because you
know of course I’ve got her over here
going yes yes and how many times have I
been right
she’s right every time I hate to admit
it this is on video with it it is on
video so I’ve got you now anyway as far
as Kermit which is a funny name to use
Kermit please take my advice do not go
to a public sale to buy yourself a car
buy yourself a car but don’t go buy it
for your daughter and expect her to be
safe there’s a 50/50 chance you might
get lucky actually I think it’s less
than 50/50 don’t you I would definitely
say so you probably got less than a 20
or 30% chance of actually coming out
exactly how the car is represented and
that’s just and they know what that car
is worth when it rolls their uses you’re
not really getting a deal anyway because
you might think that you bought it for
five hundred dollars less but hell
they’re hiding a thousand dollars with a
crap on it so go somewhere look at
Craigslist look at cars calm look at
eBay where all these people are held
responsible for what they’ve got you can
have time to make a decision that’s my
personal it’s graduation time for your
little girl and obviously graduation or
junior I don’t know 16 years old I guess
almost graduate sometimes anyway her
first car bus our heart just I’m telling
you bro don’t make the mistake and we
you know you also hear a lot of our
viewers have have chimed in and said
that you know they wanted a decent car
for their child for a graduation gift or
birthday gift or whatever but they don’t
want to spend a ton of money on it so
they they think that they have to go
somewhere like an auction to get
something that they believe is going to
be dependable
only to get burner is it’s whoever does
the homework gets a good deal it’s all
there is to it and if they have
questions they can always jam it and you
know that if you watching this video
you’re part of my car man’s family you
got me on call so you could just be like
hey dude does this hit you right you
know and I’ll tell you like I can tell
you the value of any car manufactured or
sold in the u.s. you can call me right
now and I’ll bet you $1,000 I’ll put you
on the money what did it bring an option
what it’ll bring retail what an
insurance company will pay you I can
tell you whatever you want to want so if
we want to have a conversation about
cars I’m your guy absolutely and I can
definitely say hey man it sounds like
you’re paying a little much you may be
to try to get a little cheaper or
whatever but I don’t wanna get all up in
your business but I’m just giving you a
word to the wise because that’s what we
do here try to save you guys money keep
you from getting burned yep and make
sure you get a good dependable ride and
listen guys if you get a car that’s
trashed out that’s how you need to buy
it I’m so stressed out you don’t pay
retail for a trashed out piece of crap
you would you give them is crap money
for crap cars they want to spend the
time cut new tires on it new brakes give
you a test drive give you a warranty
that’s when you step up and pay but
until then get them out of here yeah
sign up subscribe car man
love you guys support home front hugs
USA let’s not speak as I told you on my
last video he’s a handful a super duper
handful I don’t think so and by the way
I’m going to point out that so far I’m
I’m a vote ahead of you on the spoiler
issue Thank You Jay
I didn’t see that that was my buddy Jay
oh yeah yeah I think so we had one one
of our viewers that called it 5050 how
do you look good either way so I figured
that’s one for you one for me and then
Jay kind of broke that time he said that
he’d go with the wife’s opinion all
black Jay that’s right come here baby
oh goodness look look at this guy’s
that’s our baby this is my youngest baby
this is my beer girl yeah did you get
daddy a beer anyway
Kermit which is so funny I still can’t
believe that’s your name but I’m sure
it’s not but thanks for your question
Kermit yeah that you took a few minutes
to the ass yeah and you know what do you
say to a guy named Kermit how’s Miss
Piggy sorry that’s me guys see you guys
see guys and and chrominance probably
laughing or her last one he sees this
yeah I hope he’s laughing but anyway we
love you guys you’re awesome thank you
so much that your support
Emily do your homework guys don’t job
there’s no such thing as ideal too good
to be true because it always is that’s
the best piece out support your military
see you sometime tomorrow I’m sure
see you later guys

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