BMW E46 Engine Oil and Filter Change

BMW E46 Engine Oil and Filter Change - Government Car Auctions

BMW E46 Engine Oil and Filter Change

hey youtube today I’m going to give you
a quick video tutorial on how you
perform your own oil change on a e46
series BMW undo the lower engine wind
deflectors splash cover but I’m doing
the various Phillips screws located
alongside the edges of the lower cover
if need be raise the vehicle in this
particular case I’m able to undo all the
screws although it actually rings in the
car this is what the engine cover looks
like when it’s been removed from the
vehicle this is the actual bottom side
of it and of course that’s actually the
side of this engine bay but this is the
ground side so there’s actually seven
screws that need to be undone with a
Phillips screwdriver one two three four
along the side front edges none of the
vehicles right here and then the jack
point on the vehicle in the middle
there’s a Phillips screw directly behind
that as well as Phillips screw to the
left and to the right
ensure that the rear wheels are properly
blocked and the parking brake is firmly
applied raise the vehicle from the
central crossmember support directly
where those power steering lines are
right here and you’ll see that there’s a
rubber bump on that cross beam once the
front lower portion of the engine under
side covers been removed we can go ahead
and remove this back portion as well by

BMW E46 Engine Oil and Filter Change - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Car oil change BMW
removing the remaining Phillips screws
located here at the center point here
and on the right side for a total of
three inch screws once the rear wood
engine cover has been removed on the
bottom side of the car to locate the oil
pan drain plug you can find it actually
just right here where this block heater
plug is and then to the right of it
it’s just bolt here so we’ll just need
to undo that and making sure that your
container can hold at least up to ten
liters of oil use a suitable size drain
pan such as this one below
can that hold at least 10 or more liters
of fluid using your 17 millimeter wrench
undo the drain plug making sure that you
pay attention to keep your drain bolt
washer and and hand and not let it fall
into your old drain pan while the engine
oil is draining from meet the vehicle we
can go ahead and change the oil filter
assembly on top of the motor and the
nice thing of BMWs is that it’s really
easy to access the only catch talking to
here is that you need a freakishly large
socket to remove the air filter the oil
filter assembly cover and so it’s
located here and it’s just a standard
thread and we’re just going to use your
36 mil socket on our half inch drive
ratchet and just break this loose and
proceed to open this up now you don’t
need to worry about oil coming out of
this or a filter holder assembly on the
BMW’s they make it nice and clean and
tidy to do oil changes which makes it a
pleasure to work and basically all you
need to do is this unscrew it and then
just gently lift this assembly up and
you’ll see that all the engine oil
filter will just kind of run down into
that oil filter holder where it will
just drain its way out to the oil pen to
keep the mess to a minimum I strongly
advise that you have a pan or a little
pail or something to catch any sort of
engine oil that drips out of the oil
filter just basically transfer that over
so you don’t make a mess of your engine
bay BMW oil filters are fairly
straightforward to reinstall you
basically pull the old dirty went off
about late assembly and then slide the
new one on there’s no specific direction
that needs to go on to but I just want
to point out in the oil filter
replacement kit on humor that it does
come with a new o-ring assembly that
needs to go around the outer edge of
that local to cover as well as a
replacement drain ball gasket right here
that’s copper to service the oil filter
assembly basically what we’re going to
need to do is essentially just clean up
this lid portion of the oil filter
carefully pull the filter off as such
off of this cage and then using
a flat bladed screwdriver such as the
one right here we can pry underneath it
this gasket here to actually remove the
gasket off as such and then to reinstall
the new one we just simply do the same
thing as slide it back on preferably by
hand or if you’re going to use a tool to
be careful not to make the surfaces of
the gasket and then prior to
installation apply a small thin coat of
oil to you by the install to make it
easier so this is where a new gasket
looks like we’re going to loop that on
so that if you can see this properly
that it sits in this little channel
right here so how do I do that is just
nip this over carefully
and then just using my fingers carefully
rule that back on and then let’s make
sure that this lid is nicely clean and
there’s no junk in that group that would
know cause the potential oil leak now
the other thing that we want to also pay
attention to is making sure that we look
at the end of our assembly here and make
sure that you guys see that the two
little ol rings here on the end of the
stem that’s really important because it
has to have a proper seal into that oil
filter housing so those are damaged
cracked or missing mutation that you
order placement from BMW generally
speaking though in all the years that
I’ve had this car I’ve never had to do
it so not to worry and then of course
reinstall the new oil filter instead it
makes no difference in what directions
in just make sure that you inspect the
inside and outside the filter to make
sure there’s no plastic bits on the core
of the filter that could potentially jam
your oil pump and starving your engine
of well and then all we got to do is
simply slide that off nice and firmly
and then apply some oil on and then
reattach this to the car using a little
bit of our clean engine oil from our
eight leaders that we’re going to
install in this vehicle let’s just
carefully apply a nice thin coat a bit
to this gasket reason why you want to
apply it is that it allows this o-ring
to slip down into that filter sump nice
and easily so that it does a proper seal
so that’s all that’s involved right
again so make sure everything is in
place nothing’s falling out and make
sure that this oil filter housing
doesn’t have any junk inside and if it
does fish it out now and then to
reinstall it just simply drop this in
and then apply some downward pressure on
to this housing lid because the reason
why it apply pressure is that that o
ring has actually since that Center
Pinto oil ring has to go on to that
Center shaft and seal and then it should
be fairly easy to screw on if it’s going
to be crossed on you’ll you will feel it
so just pay attention that and then
using your ratchet that’s just simply
let’s back down until the stops turning
and then let’s just give it a little bit
of a turn just to seat it down and there
you go that’s how you install filter
next we what we want to do is we want to
take this engine oil pan drain bolt and
remove the old crush washer and give it
a good cleaning with the clean towel or
rag and then install a new crush washer
onto the end of this bolt and then once
the oil has completely stopped draining
from the oil pan we can just simply
install this down and basically I can’t
pull the camera on Titan’s down but you
essentially tighten this by hand and
then using your wrench or ratchet you
tighten this 17 millimeter drain bolt
down until you can begin to feel some
friction and give at the same time that
makes any sense essence washers crushing
and then once the resistance begins to
build you just want to give it a slight
turn more to tighten it the oil pan on
this vehicle I believe is made out of
aluminum so you don’t over torque it and
strip the oil pan bolts because that
could be disastrous to replace on this
engine and very very costly so you
gather under tighten the drain bolt a
little bit and just watch or not under
time but tighten it properly
watch release and if there’s a leak then
you can just tighten it a bit more
better than over tightening it and
potentially stripping the drain bolt
altogether oh hey guys so up to this
point so far we’ve replaced the engine
oil filter the oil filter housing oh
ring the copper crush washer that is
actually on the M on the drain bolt and
now we’re going to go ahead and fill
this engine up with engine oil so the
engine oil that I’m going to be using is
a German specification Castrol Syntec
with zero w 30 reason why I’m using this
is because we live or where I live the
climate is very very cold in the
wintertime and I just find that the zero
W 30 allows this vehicle to start easier
offering out more protection for my
during cold startup the other reason why
I’m using the German spec Caesar w-30
was just by coincidence I had an
opportunity to buy it it’s supposed to
be quite a bit better than the North
American SPECT
aisle for its day and of course BMW
recommends that you actually use Castro
synthetic 5w30 zero W 35 degree 30 only
differences that you’re going to get
better cold startup performance in minus
30 + centigrade temperatures
so once you’ve installed approximately
seven and a half liters of engine oil or
both eight ports into the motor start
the engine up and look at the topside
underside as well as around the filter
to see if there’s any oil leaks and if
there is the slightest league shut the
engine off immediately and we should
chase your steps to see if you’ve
completed everything properly if there
are no leaks then proceed to reinstall
the mower frontal and rearward engine
splash covers on the bottom of vehicle
using a Phillips screwdriver and the
that came off with the cover once the
vehicle has been running for a few
proceed to check the engine oil level to
make sure that the engine is properly
filled the line should be at the very
top section on a flat level surface if
it’s slightly low proceed to add just a
small amount of engine oil at a time
until the proper level is attained as
you can tell it’s full
so as you can tell doing an engine oil
change on a BMW 3-series
II 46 chassis vehicle is not only
difficult lowers a time-consuming
thank you very rewarded because of the
amount of money you would save and as
well as having the peace of mind that
you did the work yourself and did it
properly all in all I ended up using
just over seven litres of oil so not
quite 7 and a half on this engine I
purchased the original filter crush
washer gasket assembly from BMW as well
as the German spec oil from one of our
car parts dealers so I hope you found
this video useful and informative rate
comment and subscribe thank you

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