Auto auctions near chicago

Auto auctions near chicago - Government Car Auctions

Auto auctions near chicago

buying your first car can be
it’s actually why vehicle virgins was
started so here is a list of the biggest
mistakes first time car buyers make and
how to avoid them buying a car without
getting a pre-purchase inspection is not
a good idea
even if it is from a dealer if it’s a
used car and it’s not a certified
pre-owned there could be issues with it
let’s take an Audi a4 hypothetical
example for instance you found it on
Craigslist it’s priced slightly lower
than other cars and the owner of the
vehicle states on Craigslist it’s priced
aggressively to sell quickly that’s
Auto auctions near chicago
inspection you got to remember that
potentially there are people out there
that the reason the car is priced lower
or even if it’s priced the same are
trying to get rid of a car that has
problems that might be why they’re
selling it in the first place
it’s really easy so with an Audi Google
local outtie independent mechanics or
even the dealer if you want to do that
it’ll just be a little bit more
expensive make a phone call say hey do
you guys do pre-purchase inspections
likely they will even if you have to
spend 150 or 200 dollars it makes sense
to give you that peace of mind to know
there’s nothing catastrophic aliy wrong
with the car before you buy it I know a
lot of people think by looking at the
car and driving it they can determine if
there’s any issues with it but unless
you are an Audi mechanic or an Audi
engineer and even still you probably
won’t know unless the car is put up on a
and inspected so get that inspection
done chances are you could save yourself
from walking into a car that might have
$5,000 with the problems and you were
only buying the car for 6 grand it’s not
worth the gamble if you’re buying a used
get a pre-purchase inspection and even
if everything turns out to be completely
fine at least you know you bought a good
car a lot of first-time car buyers don’t
do enough research they see a car they
liked on the road and decide that’s the
one maybe they don’t even do a test
drive and they purchase the car without
a pre-purchase inspection research is
your friend you don’t want to end up
buying a car that you’re stuck with for
a couple of years that it turns out you

Auto auctions near chicago - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Auto auctions near chicago il
really like resources like vehicle
Virgins Kelly Blue Book Motor Trend Car
and Driver
there’s tons of magazines and YouTube
channels out there these websites will
provide some insights on what the car is
like to drive and own and even maybe
provide you with some alternative
vehicles that turn out that you like
more than the one you thought you did at
buying a car without test driving it
this is one of the biggest mistakes
people make especially with the
variability between each even of the
same make model and year a magazine
could say that the suspension is nice
and smooth but to you it’s actually too
maybe the steering is too loose for your
liking these are things that you can
find out by doing an extended test drive
or maybe figure out that there’s
rattling in the car or the speakers
don’t work that you might not know if
you just walk around the car and say yes
I’d like it by actually driving the car
you’re going to reduce the chances of
having buyer’s remorse when it turns out
it doesn’t quite feel the way you
thought it would going with the first
car you see do not do this even if you
found the correct year the make the
model drive another of the same car
drive two or three of the same car
because everyone is different
it might rattle more than another one
might be slower than another when I went
in test drove a 39 m5 for whatever
reason whether it was bad maths or
carbon buildup some were faster than
others that stuff you want to find out
and it just takes a few more hours or a
few more days to get you a better car
you can also use test driving and
looking at multiple of the same car to
your advantage in terms of negotiation
let’s say you found an Audi a4 for five
thousand dollars from one buyer another
is charging six maybe that one’s the
better car but you can negotiate them
down to five thousand because of the
other one available on the market only
considering a new vehicle a lot of
people think that the only way to get a
reliable vehicle is to buy one brand new
but that’s not the case even if finance
deals are looking grain and lease deals
are looking great of course there’s a
time and place for that sometimes it
makes sense chances are you can save a
lot of money and get a better car if
you’re buying used when you drive a car
off the lot
depreciates immensely if you find a car
that’s only six months or a year old
with a couple thousand miles on it
you’ve missed that initial hit of
depreciation the other owner took that
and as long as you don’t mind not being
the first owner would you really care if
you were the second person ever to sleep
with Kate Upton probably not then you
can save a lot of money and it’ll still
be under warranty and you’ll get all the
benefits of buying a new car you can get
even better deals if you buy something
like a five-year-old car
check out this as an example you could
buy a new v6 premium Volkswagen Passat
for $35,000 or you could buy a 2011 Audi
a8 L long wheelbase
also for $35,000 that’s one of the most
luxurious cars ever created
we tested one it’s absolutely brilliant
the interior is immaculate it once was a
hundred thousand dollar car now
depreciation has had and now it’s
$35,000 obviously not the most practical
for a first car but just an example of
how great depreciation works in your
so there you go buying your first car
can be intimidating but hopefully with
this list of the biggest first time car
buyer mistakes you’re now more informed
and you can go out there and pick up
your first ride well I hope you enjoyed
this video like always please browse our
Channel and subscribe I look forward to
seeing you next video

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