Auction cars for sale chicago

Auction cars for sale chicago - Government Car Auctions

Auction cars for sale chicago

in bargaining 101 news mmm
if you’re looking into buying a car here
are some car buying tips from a former
salesman ooh
bring your Korean father let’s hear
about things you did cuz I did not
bargain not even a little and I bought
my car oh why not adorable yeah cuz I
just wanted to get in and get out and
I’ll still there for eight hours how
much is a seven forty thousand dollars
okay oh my god Dan you bought it for tag
price no fucking arguing and they still
made you wait yeah like what the fuck
I’m not even trying to negotiate let me
get the fuck out of here with my new car
how much do you want for retail I don’t
know calm yourself Ben ass down for
saying what were you sitting in there
for then because he would leave he’s
like oh let me talk to my boss about
good so he what does he was negotiating
for me for him so like so he’d be like
alright you know what I’m gonna try to
hook you up with this and this and this
and I’m like cool alright whatever like
I wasn’t even negotiating at all and he
was just like all right let me go talk
to my bosses I’ll be right back an hour
later I’m still sitting there I’m like
can I leave like I want to I want my car
my dad just gives a number and he goes
this is what they call I don’t know he
goes okay he’s like Oh Heather but I
come back they always come back to and
then they always show you though but we
have to go snow with that engine leaves
my dad – yeah
could you especially with people who
have such a good line of credit as my
dad was bought over like ten cars now
you can’t do that to them you know maybe
cuz they know they know for a fact that
he has the paper that he can’t pay for
it you either give him the fucking car
you bounce that’s it you know cuz he
don’t need it and then that was my first
car so like I just I didn’t want to deal
with all that I just want to buy my new
car and get out that’s all I wanted they
still may be weak tip number one is
figure out the invoice price before
going in
so figuring out the price of how much
your car is number two if you test drive
do not buy the same day well I did that
cuz it took an emotional decision yeah
because a one-day test-drive
then psychologically they feel pressure
to just buy it I swear I wasn’t pressure
they say that with like when you try on
clothes for example that psychologically
now that Idol Morgan edge

Auction cars for sale chicago - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Auction cars for sale chicago info
yeah became yours and there’s this
attachment to it so when they’re really
good salesman if they’re working on
Commission they always want you to try
it on like can I get a room started for
you cuz then as soon as you wear it
you’re like oh my I’ll just take it
that’s so fucking true because when I
went in to go get the Porsche I could
only afford the 911 base model but I
wanted stick and they didn’t have stick
at the dealership and they’re like you
know what we do have a GTS that’s stick
and all that suede out of my price range
but he goes but you do want to try to
stick before you buy it don’t you
I was like very true so I got into GTS I
started driving and I was like wait wait
but how much is this and it was thirty
grand more than my price and I was like
well I mean it may be haha stretch it a
little bit but then when I got out of
the car like I have to slap myself like
hold on a second I can’t fucking afford
this shit I know I don’t want this
garnet that the crazy thing was he
wasn’t even trying to push that car and
it happened I was just push it on myself
cuz I fucking fell in love with that
motherfucker that’s crazy dude I’m like
Danny fucking hocus-pocus mom do the
same shit with me and that time sure
that we bought fuck that same moment I’m
like let’s do it
you bought a timeshare well it’s a
vacation club like points it’s not
technically a timeshare but I don’t even
know why you guys went though cuz you
already told me you didn’t want to get
it and I’m like then don’t go but I have
to because they were giving me a free
trip to Hawaii nothing is ever free I
know I fell for it yes
oh that’s crazy and they used it like 20
times already
not that 100
Gander of my day yeah so so they’re
saying that by dealerships of having you
test out the car they know that once you
leave there’s a slim chance of you
buying that car because you’ll just go
home and do yours it’s not with my ass
because I I test drove Iping before I
bought my Jeep I just rip like 20 cars
and I drop I was like no so what do you
think I was like this crap yeah cuz it’s
good you can’t convince me that a car’s
dope if I’d driven other cars you know
what I mean cuz you know my cheap ass I
was looking for a cheap ass car as long
as it was met in the previous car that I
had but once you drive something better
you know what you want yeah that’s
that’s why on the same day about my
Range Rover and I got a good deal
because I came in knowing the price and
it literally I came in like at 4 p.m.
and I left that like like I don’t know
midnight 11 but that’s when it was done
yeah yeah yeah cuz they were late you
know they try to feed you like bullshit
stuff like oh this cars really spacious
I compared to this and as I know it’s
not house like I just drove it muhaha
thing is not what the hell you talkin
about dude hey I didn’t have a shitty
salesman he was just straight up so he
was just and then he wasn’t trying to
upsell me or anything I was like I like
this guy so cuz usually for me god I
don’t want Bryant buyer’s remorse like I
want to know I would I leave with this
car I would I know I made the best
decision so with the Jeep that I’ve had
I’ve never regretted at once I gave to
the car every day I loved it I finally
loved the car so it’s harsh about the
Porsche – why anybody feel that way so
tip number three is never trade in your
car unless you don’t care about it yeah
we didn’t give a sh n daddy was falling
apart you still got a good amount for I
did we did magically mm-hmm so like
they’re saying that dealerships will try
to buy your car for a much less value by
just finding or picking it what’s wrong
with your car not my dad my dad’s like
this is what I wanted for a fella just
he’s such a definitive human being it’s
always definite it’s never like you
can’t convince my dad otherwise maybe
it’s also been a language barrier
because it was like well if he goes no
just take it I don’t know what to say
like well you see if I do that no yeah I
look at my face no but there goes I
bought 10 cars no no what do you say to
that yeah he goes no hey you guys know I
bought 10 cars no sir we’re talking
about houses right now I don’t care
sheep Seki I bought 10 cars no I buy if
I’m good I’m good so tip number 4 is
assume everything the salesman say is
it is just like with my Jeep they trying
to tell me that um so I price compared
the Jeep that I had at Long Beach
because I live closer to LA that is Tom
straight-up like listen I can get this
same exact car for this price in Long
Beach so you either sell it to me here
that’s all we can do I like you do know
that Long Beach is number one Jeep sales
right you guys are number two I know
this already cuz I did all the research
in shit I was like giving me forgive me
this car for this price or I’m going to
leave and like ah but we can’t install
the GPA first of all the GPS is just a
program you just plug it and just give
it to me let me go to the back my dad
goes no no because at first I was like
trying to haggle with my dad left him he
goes TVA they tell me to shut up he goes
just say no it don’t work they gave me
the GPS they gave me all of the shit I
need to take your dad yeah so for my
number MSRP so which is really good yeah
I mean what bullshit has the dealership
giving you guys
in terms of by your car it’s not really
bullshit because they’re not allowed to
just straight-up lie unless it’s some
used-car dealership they still have to
be ethical about it I think what what it
is that pisses me off are the cheap
little tactics they do like they try to
play with your emotions by saying oh
look at this fucking great okay just
imagine yourself in it or like some kind
of shit it’s like bitch or if they try
to divert it from what I’m trying to
talk about so I hate sales taxes like
that what I’m just trying to talk about
numbers or other things and they try to
play me like a fool and talk about
something to get my attention off of
something on like they throw in the
emotion yeah it’s like I’m not a fucking
idiot answer my question and that kind
of stuff frustrates me or when they when
they waste time as a tactic to make you
feel like okay hurry up by like let me
buy it already or whatever I don’t want
to deal with this they’re they’re using
really like shitty ass sales tax because
even my dad told me you got filler says
I have to run your credit they don’t
have to do that my dad told me they
don’t they could just tell you what you
can get oh yeah he goes because
everybody kept might try to run my
credit and I know what my credits fuckin
amazing right and then my dad’s I know
he told me they don’t have to run your
credit they can give you a definitive
price right now and then the credit
stuff can come out there oh right if you
know exactly because they could just
give you that answer you get the answer
then your credit has nothing to do with
it I guess ins cuz I remember they even
charge me for that damn you go when they
actually run it they charge you and
everywhere even if you if you’re about
to rent a house out and they need to
check out your credit they charge you
for it but technically like everything
can be waived and negotiated it just
depends on how aggressive your technique
but then it’s not worth it for me like I
rather just work with someone who’s just
like not trying to fuckin be a shark and
here’s the details this is what I’m
gonna try to sell it to you for okay let
me see if I can yeah yeah we work the
best that way too because when we were
getting the Durango we went to a couple
dealerships the first one the kid was
probably younger than us was trying to
like fluff up with fucking you and we’re
like good what are you talking about
like he gave us very arbitrary
information when we liked what you were
saying you ask very specific questions
but then they give you fluff and then
have that fake smile
yeah I just want to smack them in the
face like do you talk to your friends
this way no you don’t talk so so for
everyone who who who is working in sales
and you’re a fucking amateur just don’t
do that don’t doubt I’ll piss a fuck ton
of people off be authentic that’s gonna
be the best type of sales time and we’re
and listen to people and what their
needs are and try to find the best
product that meets their needs instead
of just trying to sell them something
expensive and upselling like that’s some
shit that can piss people off no no and
then lastly tip number five is to buy
gap insurance so they’re just saying
that um don’t buy gap or get it get it
oh yeah get it because once you drive
the car off the lot it just cuts your
you know that’s true because and if
anything happens to your car gap
insurance gives you the full amount that
you paid for not the not the Blue Book
value do you guys know how much gap
insurance well it’s a couple grand
so gap insurance is that that gap time I
guess we’re in the in the time that you
cover it I think within like I know it
might be two years three years if
anything happens to that car um you get
total value that you paid for for that
car Oh instead of the depreciated Blue
Book value oh nice that’s only if you
total it or something well I mean it’s
just it’s insurance so whatever happens
and you need to get the total value or
something I hope you guys enjoyed that
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