2008 to 2015 Chevy Cruze Oil and Filter Change

2008 to 2015 Chevy Cruze Oil and Filter Change - Government Car Auctions

2008 to 2015 Chevy Cruze Oil and Filter Change

alrights after you raise your vehicle
and secure it on Jackson’s pull your
ebrake and then you’re gonna want to get
a 16 millimeter metric socket and a
breaker bar or wrench and we’re gonna
take off the oil drain plug it’s good to
have cardboard underneath cause you’re
always gonna spill and you can get your
drain pan underneath there and make sure
you go you know lefty loosey righty
tighty on this it shouldn’t be that
tight it says 14 million meters on it
and before this you should run your
engine so that your oil is up to
temperature that way it will run out
easier and careful you don’t burn
yourself as well it might be good to
wear gloves and while that’s draining
we’re gonna take off the oil filter on
the top okay now we’re gonna take off
our oil filter it’s a plastic cap so

2008 to 2015 Chevy Cruze Oil and Filter Change - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

2008 to 2015 Chevy Cruze Oil and Filter Change
make sure you get the right size socket
it’s actually a 15 16 so I have a 15 16
is deep well on a breaker bar here and
it’s a little bit tough here with this
some pulling line in the one all right
it’s a little bit tight in there so I
actually grabbed the ratchet here and
again this is a fifteen sixteenths deep
well socket you’re gonna have to lift up
your cooling hose and it’s a six sided
plastic bolt head here oil that from
your filter capsule
do you have at least it should be left
by hand it’s gonna drip a little oil
again so make sure you have your we can
see this this probably has about close
to 10,000 miles on it and this is a Fram
filter for the chevy cruze and what
we’re gonna do is pull this out wipe off
some of this old oil in here and then
we’re actually I change this o-ring seal
here to the new oil filter kit comes
with a new one and you change that out
every time you change your life out
there okay so there’s a little notch
here you can kind of see it that’s to
grab your ring and pull it out pull it
over and off and then just grab your oil
filter pull that off just give this a
quick wipe down get some of the dirty
oil out and then I have our new frame
extra guard there’s like eight bucks at
it’s a CH one oh two four six and that’s
for a 2011 Chevy car the filter looks
like well and what we’re gonna do is
lubricate this o-ring so I’m actually
gonna grab my replacing oil and just
stick your finger in it and lubricate
that ring
you never want to put a piece of rubber
on dry on your engine because it won’t
seal properly all you do is stretch it
back on and roll it down into place in
its bottom seat it shouldn’t be sitting
on the threads that should be sitting on
the bottom seat and then you grab your
oil filter and it’s just a press fit
into the bottom you’ll hear snap in
there and I like to lubricate this
bottom seal as well I don’t know if it’s
necessary because it’s a cloth based and
it’ll get filled up right away when we
fill it with oil so then all you do once
you know your ring is in the right place
you install it back in the oil filter
reservoir twist it into place by hand
and these threads seem longer than they
are so you don’t work it but you want to
make sure it’s snug so it’s all feel I
don’t have the torque specs on this I’m
just gonna have to trust your best judge
right there I felt it start to Snug so
you can give it like a little bit more
don’t force it and just make sure your
ring isn’t popping out or anything funky
down there and your after you change
your oil filter let it drain we let this
drain for about 15 more minutes because
the cars at an angle so it’ll drain all
the oils to the back of the engine which
is where the plug is on so you want to
get most of that oil out you know have
to get everything out you just twist
your new right now your new twist your
oil drain bolt in and we’re gonna torque
this just from memory
you don’t want to get too much it’s
aluminum you don’t want to strip it out
about right there feels good and now
we’re gonna fill it up from you top okay
so this is 2011 chevy cruze takes sae
5w30 oil and it says specifically that
you need to have the deck so s– deck so
s not sure how to say it appeared oil
and that we always use Mobil 1 you can
get these free at a gas stations just a
filler for like your windshield wiper
fluid it works great for this as well
and if you pull your dipstick out like
this it will fill up faster too and
we’re gonna fill this up I’m not sure
how many quarts it takes I usually put
about three and a half four in and then
check it and then what you’re gonna do
also is take your jack stands off put
your vehicle back on the ground and
check it again if I remember correctly
this took almost five quarts I’m gonna
stop there we’re gonna lower this on the
ground and check it again when the car
sitting level all right pull your
dipstick out wash it off first make sure
it’s clean this one has four levels of
indication the hatch marks the cross
pattern indicates low and high and we
want to be right at the top of that high
but not overfilled
pushing it all the way pull it back out
you see we’re about half way so we’re
gonna keep going
put another quart quart in half in and
check that I can wipe it off every time
because whenever you feel it’ll drift
down the side of the engine and drip
down the wire and could skew your
results so you see there we’re right at
the top of that hatch mark so when you
put a tiny bit more in and then we’re
going to start it and let it run for a
little bit and then check it one more
time and then you’re gonna want to check
it again also after you drive I don’t
know maybe say a couple hundred miles
because then the oil will be circulated
through the whole engine

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