2005 Chevy Cobalt Oil Change 2.2L Ecotec

2005 Chevy Cobalt Oil Change 2.2L Ecotec - Government Car Auctions

2005 Chevy Cobalt Oil Change 2.2L Ecotec

hey guys today we’ll be doing an oil
change on a 2005 Chevy Cobalt it has the
2.2 liter Ecotec engine now for that
you’ll need your choice of oil this
particular vehicle takes five quarts or
4.7 three liters getting a 15 millimeter
wrench for your drain plug
we need a socket extension with a thirty
two millimeter or inch and a quarter
socket for the oil filter housing your
choice of oil filter and gloves if you
want to play it safe so let’s get
started and I almost forgot you need an
oil pan it’s kind of a essential so the
first step is crawl into the vehicle
locate the oil pan this is the oil pan
just going to put this wrench on the
drain plug these are the best way to get
these loose just to start by giving a
little tap it’s on there pretty tight
now we take the wrench off because it’s
pretty loose we’re go up and under
well the tops training will move on to a
police new oil filter so next we have to
locate where the oil filter is which
involves taking off this cap set that
down here just pull up down here and
pull up over here and this will come
right off we’ll set that down and then
if you look right below where you took
off your oil cap right here is the

2005 Chevy Cobalt Oil Change 2.2L Ecotec - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Chevy Cobalt Oil Change
housing bulge your oil filter go ahead
and take our socket ratchet with our 13
millimeter socket I like to put that on
might require two hands go ahead and
crack that and then go ahead and take
that off now when you got that unscrewed
you can go ahead and do the rest away
and pull it right out
there’s your oil filter so now when you
got this out we just got to pull it’ll
come right out Carbon URL filter and
everyone is going to be like oh no Fram
well this is the Alpha synthetic it’s
not the original orange kind of death
plus looks prettiest compared to the
other one that was in it as you take
your cap the tip goes down push it
you’ll hear it snap in now
we’re going to replace that o-ring on
the housing right here
so I yourself a little pick here go
ahead and work that filter that oil
right now to me that o-ring off their
sort of them smarter to do before I
installed the oil filter got that one
off take the new one comes with your oil
filter go ahead and put that on down
there can use the oil that’s seated
around this cap and just make sure it’s
nice and lubed up and we’ll go ahead and
install it so now let’s take the oil
filter put it back and housing down here
start it by hand so it doesn’t cross
thread and that’s it take your socket
torque that down once that’s snug snug
just a little turn just like that
don’t try to over torque it you’ll break
it it’s not going to come loose so
that’s good to go now we just got to
reinstall the drain plug now before you
reinstall your drain plug you want to
clean up clean the surface there and
clean the threads I’m going to go ahead
and stall this because you don’t really
need to see that of the oil drain plug
is back installed you can take a fun off
you want insert it in the oil fill take
your oil
now fill it right up like I said it’s
4.7 three liters or five ports for this
engine now when you’re done filling it
you can go ahead and remove your funnel
take the plastic cover install there
there go ahead reinstall your cap that’s
a good place to find your oil viscosity
and now drive it off the ramps let it
run for a minute shut it off wait about
five minutes check your level and if
it’s good you’re done so you guys want
to know how to do the oil a free set I’m
going to tell go through with this
button until you get to your oil life
and then you’re going to hold both
release it this is a little life reset
you’re going to go ahead and push that
button release it acknowledge so it’s
back to a hard percent so you’re done
that part

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